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 Compaq Presario C506tu

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PostSubject: Compaq Presario C506tu   Compaq Presario C506tu Icon_minitimeWed Nov 09, 2011 5:33 pm

Sneak Peek: Compaq Presario C506TU laptop is the perfect answer for all your professional needs.

Design: Professionally looking Compaq Presario C506TU laptop has a simple design yet looks sleek and stylish. You get this laptop in classy silver color. The weight of Compaq Presario C506TU laptop is 2.99 kg, making it resonably portable to carry around. The height of Compaq Presario C506TU laptop is 44 mm and the width is 357.8 mm. The depth is 259 mm. The feather touch buttons are very easy to operate without putting too much pressure.

Key Features :Intel Celeron M 440 is the Processor manufacturer for Compaq Presario C506TU laptop. Processor plays a very important role in execution of your programs. The processor cache memory provides the middle way to retrieve data which is always used. Compaq Presario C506TU laptop's processor memory is 1024 KB and its speed is 1860 MHz. thus operations of this laptop is very smooth.

80 GB hard disk has ample space to keep your vital documents and personal music and snaps. 256 RAM complements Compaq Presario C506TU laptop extremely well. But there lies a surprise! You can also upgrade the RAM to 1024 RAM. The operating system is FreeDos in Compaq Presario C506TU laptop. The display screen size of Compaq Presario C506TU laptop is 15.4 inches with BrightView technology. This technology lets you view the contents on your display screen with more clarity.

Core Information : Internal modem in Compaq Presario C506TU laptop solves all your worries about internet connection. With Speakers and integrated sound card, be prepared to hear booming sounds while listening to music.

There are 3 USB ports in this Laptop. USB ports are also much faster compared to other serial ports. Also the data transfer is slower in serial ports. Thanks to USB ports, the plug in and plug out of your devices is also done very smoothly and safely even when your computer is switched on. Also the biggest advantage of it is that you can charge your devices by connecting them to USB ports. Installation of different software or devices becomes very easy via USB ports.

You can transfer your data wireless with integrated Bluetooth. Compaq Presario C506TU laptop has one express card. The video and sound cards are integrated. Modem is also internal in Compaq Presario C506TU laptop.

Conclusion: Compaq Presario C506TU laptop is perfect buy for u!

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Compaq Presario C506tu
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