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 U.S. Defendants Leave Egypt Amid Growing Backlash

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U.S. Defendants Leave Egypt Amid Growing Backlash Empty
PostSubject: U.S. Defendants Leave Egypt Amid Growing Backlash   U.S. Defendants Leave Egypt Amid Growing Backlash Icon_minitimeTue Mar 06, 2012 4:10 pm

U.S. Defendants Leave Egypt Amid Growing Backlash
In the final days, American diplomats were forced to rely on the support of their former foe, the Muslim Brotherhood, as well as implicit threats to hold up International Monetary Fund aid that Egypt desperately needs to avoid an rs gold economic collapse. The United States had already explicitly threatened to end its own $1.5 billion in annual aid. And even as a chartered plane waited through the day at the Cairo airport on Thursday, its takeoff had remained in doubt amid a growing backlash against the perceived American interference in the Egyptian justice system.

No Egyptian official stepped forward to accept responsibility for buy runescape gold releasing the Americans. Instead, judges and prosecutors distanced themselves from the decision and traded accusations of political capitulation and conflict of interest. The Muslim Brotherhood, the Islamist group that now leads Parliament, hedged itself by demanding an investigation into who let the Americans go. Other prominent members of Parliament called it an outrage and demanded public hearings.As a matter of runescape gold law, all were accused of violating Mubarak-era restrictions requiring a nonprofit to obtain a license from Egyptian security services and forbidding use of foreign financing without official permission — rules that the American organizations and dozens of other advocacy groups had been allowed to break for years. But prosecutors and officials of Egypt’s military-led government also repeatedly accused the American groups of infringing on Egypt’s sovereignty by sowing unrest in the streets, collaborating with spies and trying to direct the course of Egypt’s revolution toward the interests of the United States and Israel.

As part of a deal, the groups, which rely on government financing, each paid more than $330,000 in bail for each of their foreign-born employees, who were required to sign a statement pledging to runescape accounts return for the next day of trial. American officials have said privately that it is almost unthinkable that they will return, noting that the defendants in Egyptian criminal cases are humiliated by standing imprisoned in a metal cage that serves as a docket.
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U.S. Defendants Leave Egypt Amid Growing Backlash
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