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 Demonstrators back, but are uncertain of what to Occupy next

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PostSubject: Demonstrators back, but are uncertain of what to Occupy next   Tue Mar 20, 2012 4:49 pm

Demonstrators back, but are uncertain of what to Occupy next
Activists listed issues including student debt, the environment and the November elections as priorities going forward. But some observers who watched workers hose down the now-barricaded park that was rs gold’s home wondered whether a movement so diffuse could accomplish anything.

“I’m really grateful to be part of a generation that wants change, ‘cause we should all want change,” said Jennifer Campbell, a graduate student in documentary filmmaking at Hofstra University. “But I’m runescape gold not sure what that change is, or if they know what that change is.”

The crackdown at Zuccotti happened late Saturday after hundreds of activists had gathered to mark the sixth-month birthday of the movement.

“There was a lot of silliness and just kind of singing and dancing and really very jovial,” said Chris Casuccio, who works for a nonprofit organization. “We had some banners up buy runescape accounts. There was one tarp that was up, but it was tiny. It could fit like five people under it.”

But New York Police Detective Brian Sessa said the tipping point came when the protesters started breaking the park rules.

“They set up runescape accounts tents. They had sleeping bags,” he said. Electrical boxes also were tampered with, and there was evidence of buy runescape gold graffiti.

Detective Sessa said Brookfield Properties, the park owner, sent in security to advise the protesters to stop pitching tents and to leave the park. The protesters, in turn, became agitated with them. The company then asked the police to help them clear out the park, the detective said.Occupy activists said the officers moved in with little warning and beat some protesters. For hours, the demonstrators had been chanting and holding impromptu meetings in the park to celebrate the six-month mark of the movement as police mainly kept their distance.
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Demonstrators back, but are uncertain of what to Occupy next
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