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 Pain at the Gas Pump Continues to Hurt Families, Businesses

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PostSubject: Pain at the Gas Pump Continues to Hurt Families, Businesses   Tue Mar 27, 2012 11:28 am

Pain at the Gas Pump Continues to Hurt Families, Businesses
In 2011, the average household spent an estimated $4,155 at the pump. In total that represents 8.4 percent of what the median family makes annually, money that could be spent elsewhere when times are tough.

Surging gas prices hit Americans not only the pump, but also at buy runescape gold the grocery store. As gas prices increase transportation costs, small businesses and large distributors alike will shift that price burden to the consumers.

Continued political uncertainty in rs gold the oil-producing regions puts the world’s supply at risk. Issues in countries such as Iran, Sudan and Nigeria all have played a role in affecting the overall supply of the world market, while demand in emerging markets such as China and India continues to grow.

But the president has done little to runescape gold reduce our vulnerability to events on the world stage by advocating for policies that only increase our dependency on foreign oil and prohibit domestic production. With large deposits of more than 1.4 trillion recoverable barrels of oil found offshore, in Alaska, and in shale in the Rocky Mountains, there must be a priority placed on using our resources at home. More permits for runescape accounts offshore drilling and buy runescape accounts exploration must be given to help increase the supply, translating to lower prices at the pump.

By implementing the right set of policies we can both grow energy jobs and diversify our energy supply. For example, look no further than North Dakota. The state of North Dakota is on the cusp of an energy boom by encouraging the development of our vast deposits of natural gas. Not to mention, the state has a 3.3 percent unemployment rate.
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Pain at the Gas Pump Continues to Hurt Families, Businesses
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