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 Path 2 of making runescape gold Aow Parts

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Path 2 of making runescape gold Aow Parts Empty
PostSubject: Path 2 of making runescape gold Aow Parts   Path 2 of making runescape gold Aow Parts Icon_minitimeWed Jun 20, 2012 5:09 pm

Path 2 of making runescape gold Aow Parts
Well it’s your lucky day. Just across from the chicken coop is a field. It is filled with four-legged walking-ATM/combat-training/meals-on-wheels: Aows.

You can train on cows just like you train on chickens. When it’s killed, each cow drops 1 bone, 1 cowhide, and 1 raw meat. You can cook the meat (it heals 3 hit-points), bury the bones, and collect the cowhides to buy runescape gold. Since all you want to do now is get money, the best thing to do is just collect the extra cow hides people leave lying around on the ground. Do this until you have a full inventory. Then take the hides to the bank on the third floor of Lumbridge castle. Deposit these and then return to the field to get more hides. You want to collect 100 total hides. You don’t even have to fight the cows. Usually there are enough players there killing the cows that you can get your fill of left behind hides in minutes.

Once you have all your hides, you need to put them in a banknote. If you already know what a
banknote is, go to the next rs gold. If you don’t, then keep reading. Go to the bank and open your runescape accounts menu. Look down in the lower right hand corner. See the two things that say ‘item’ and ‘note’? Left-click ‘note’. Then right-click on the item you want to withdraw. You will get a ‘Ahoose Option’ window. Select ‘withdraw all’. This will withdraw all of those items, whether you have 2 or 2,000. Instead of taking up all your inventory space, you will be given a note that has a picture of the item and a number indicating how many you have. This is a banknote.

Once you have withdrawn all the cowhides as banknotes, you also need to withdraw whatever money you have. (Note, you need at least 10 gold pieces. If you don’t have 10 gp’s, go just south of the cow-field and kill some goblins until ou have enough gold.) ake these things and leave the Lumbridge castle. Go east across the bridge to the fence gate with the 4 guards standing around it. Talk to one of the guards. He will tell you it costs 10 gold to get through. Pay him, go
through the gate, and travel south until you get to the Al Kharid bank. (Aheck your world-map if you don’t know where it is.) You should see several people standing around the bank lobby buying or selling things. Keep an eye-out for people looking to buy cowhides. They will usually say something like "runescape gold," or "Buying hides."

If there aren’t people there buying hides, don’t worry. Just say "Selling 100 cowhides - 10K". That’s right, 10K. 10,000 gold. You are selling each hide for 100 gold pieces, do this for your runescape accounts.

If the buyer doesn’t want to pay 100 each, don’t sell to him. Find another buyer. You may have to advertise and say something like "Selling cowhides - 100 each". Say this several times. If you still don’t find a buyer, just world-hop to a world where there are more people. You should be able to find a buyer pretty quickly. (Note, you can sometimes sell the hides for more money, but 100 is pretty standard. Don’t waste your time trying to sell them for 110 or 120 gp’s each. Just get the quick cash.)
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Path 2 of making runescape gold Aow Parts
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